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Honda Care coverage
extended service contract
Honda Care is the only extended protection offered by American Honda.
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Useful Honda Care Documents

Honda care brochure

Honda Care Brochure

This is the same brochure as you would receive from your local Honda dealer. It gives a brief overview of what's covered and gives the benefits of Honda Care coverage.
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Honda care brochure

Sample Coverage List

This brochure gives just a sampling of covered components. Keep in mind that there is no list of covered components in the Honda Care contract, since everything is covered unless specifically listed as a non-covered item.
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Honda care brochure

Coverage Brochure

This brochure shows what the out-of-pocket expenses might be for repairs that would be covered by Honda Care. It shows some big ticket items like navigation, Bluetooth and backup cameras.
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Sentinel Plan

Honda Care Sentinel Plans

This brochure shows Honda's Sentinel Plan which can be purchased in addition to or along with Honda Care component coverage. The Sentinel Plan offers you oil changes, road hazard tire protection and more.
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Honda Care Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

This brochure shows step-by-step what happens when you call for Honda Care's Roadside Assistance, from dialing the number to Honda's ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.
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Honda Care Sample Application

Sample Application

This is the same Honda Care application as you would see at your local Honda dealership. It also contains all the fine print from the contract. You should read this prior to purchasing Honda Care. Do not rely on any verbal representations.
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Honda Care Contract

Sample Booklet

This is a sample of the booklet that you will receive from Honda after you have purchased Honda Care. If you purchase Honda Care and do not receive this booklet, you should call 800-999-5901 for a reprint.
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Honda Care Transfer Form

Transfer Request Form

Honda care is transferable to a new owner in a private-party sale. You can use this form to facilitate the transfer. You should contact the dealer that originally sold the plan for help with a transfer.
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